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A series like no other, deserves a series finisher prize like no other!

All finisher's of the Thirsty 3 Series will be awarded a custom finisher medal hanger from Detroit Metal Works to show off your race medals! It will look great in your home or office!! Even better, it will look awesome displayed at your bar next to your beer, wine and hard cider finisher's glasses!
The Thirsty 3 is a running tour to 3 of Michigan's finest locally made beer, wine and hard cider properties. Make sure to come and visit us at all three to get the special bling!

Hightail to Ale 5K, May 11 in Detroit
A Keg Party with a 5K Warm Up!

Running Between the Vines 5K/5M/Cellar Slam/Half Marathon, August 18 in Jackson
A High Class Run with a High Class Finish!

Scrumpy Skedaddle 5K/10K/Cider Slam, October 7 in Flushing
Just not Enough Skedaddles out there!

Cheers to the Thirsty 3!



Visit Detroit Metal Works to see some other awesome products to display your race swag!DMW


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